Pablo Picasso

Our Art Studio, or as we like to call it, our Atelier, is a space for wonder, imagination and expression.


Within this environment, we value learning through experimentation, investigation and a love for getting messy! 


This is brought to life through projects that are sparked by the children’s interests, for example our ‘Colour’ project stemmed from the children’s fascination with rainbows. As children are innately curious, we encouraged them to pose questions and think critically about what they are seeing and doing, allowing them to ask questions such as “How many colours are there?!” and “Why are there lots of different types of green?”


Our Atelier gives the children the freedom to explore their projects in their own way, empowering them to be actively involved in their learning.

Our Art Teachers, or as we call them, our Atelieristas, support the children by giving them opportunities to explore new skills and materials, whether it be creating their own natural paints from flower petals and spices or barefoot floor paintings to music. This open engagement with art encourages the children to be brave when trying new things and to most importantly have fun whilst doing it!