We believe that deep down relationships are at the heart of everything we do.


Whether that be the relationships we have with children, parents or with each other, they will ultimately lay the foundation of our success.


Our values strive to shape relationships based on honesty, trust and togetherness.


Be Brave

We will not

  • be resistant to change

  • be stuck in old ways

  • take the easy, well-trodden path

  • block new ideas

We will

  • be innovative and try new things

  • follow new research and practice

  • possess a have-a-go attitude

  • be curious

  • be ambitious


Be Brill

We will not

  • be slap dash

  • put things out for the sake of it

  • be lazy in our thoughts and presentation

We will

  • act with purpose

  • take pride in what we present

  • pay attention to detail

  • be inspirational


Be Vibrant

We will not

  • be a mood hoover

  • be a “glass half empty” kind of person

  • moan about things we cannot change

We will

  • be enthusiastic, positive people

  • add to the team, not take away

  • be a radiator, not a drain

  • celebrate each other’s successes


Be Real

We will not

  • talk behind people’s backs

  • be slanderous

  • be intentionally negative

  • hinder anyone’s progress or opportunity to develop

We will

  • act with integrity

  • do the right things, even when people aren’t watching

  • be constructive

  • always have a positive motive/intention

  • do what we say we will


Be a Family

We will not

  • be divisive

  • exclude people

  • make people feel they are not part of the team

We will

  • create a sense of belonging for everyone

  • create a sense of togetherness

  • care for one another

  • look out for one another

  • stand by each other

 "Teach children how to think, not what to think"  

 - Margaret Mead