Be a part of something BRILL  


About the role. 

Our dream Deputy Manager would be someone who has experience in working within the Early Years sector and in Leadership.  They are looking to work in a setting where they feel they can make an impact on the lives of children and other educators.  


Our dream interview would go a little something like this… 

There would of course be a warm welcome to Grosvenor House, followed by a coffee and a bit of a chat. Then we’d get stuck in. 

You’d talk to us about being the practitioner that can inspire and can make learning fun, you can also give awesome cuddles.  You’ll share your people skills and you’ll be able to connect the role of practitioner and leader, you understand how tricky this can be at times and you’ll have experience of bringing people together. 


We wouldn’t ask you to do it right there and then, but if we did, you’d be comfortable to showcase some dance moves and good old sing-along.  You are energised by facilitating discussions and developing BIG relationships.  You like to learn and we can see this through your curious questions.  You also have some pretty cool ideas on how we can enhance our practice and develop our people (perhaps you’ll even share some of the really BRILL stuff you’ve already done). 


You take Safeguarding seriously and you are passionate about supporting children and their families.  You talk to us about your commitment and understanding of how a Deputy Manager fosters a strong and robust safeguarding culture.


You’ll share your strengths with us and tell us what motivates you.  We will talk about the times you made mistakes, but learnt from them and we’ll celebrate the things you’re most proud of. 


The interview would almost definitely run over time due to us discussing all the exciting things you can bring to the role and what possibilities lie ahead. Before we said goodbye, we’d tell you all about the BRILL perks of working as a Deputy Manager and being a part of our team at Grosvenor House. 


We hope to leave you feeling excited about your future should you got the opportunity to join us. 


Apply and let’s make this a reality! 


Are we a match? 

Our values are at the heart of everything we do at Child’s Time and its crucial to us that we find like-minded people to join our team. 


Our Values are (drumroll please)...


  • Be Brave – be curious and possess a have-a-go attitude

  • Be Brill – take pride in what we present

  • Be Vibrant – be a radiator and not a drain

  • Be Real – do the right things, even when people aren’t watching

  • Be a Family – create a sense of belonging for everyone


If you read our values and feel an emotional connection to them then we might just be a match. 



What’s in it for you.


At Child’s Time we put our people at the heart of our culture.  Why? Pretty simple really… If our people love working here then they deliver an amazing experience for all our children. 


That’s why we offer:


  • Competitive salary between £24,500 and £25,500

  • Amazing training opportunities to travel and look at other Early Years settings - our teammates have been to Sweden and Italy. 

  • Access to bespoke training programmes to develop ourselves to be best leaders we can be. 

  • Wellbeing programme  

  • A chill-out team room with refreshments, snacks and cosy areas 


Still reading?  Still interested?  Then press the button!

 "Teach children how to think, not what to think"  

 - Margaret Mead